The Enoteca is intended to be a playful section of the restaurant with a relaxed feel. It features rich woods, wrought iron chandeliers, and colorful marble that was excavated from an ancient Roman quarry and brought to the U.S. specifically for Cinghiale - the formation of the pattern dating back to the 1550's. The centerpiece of the design is a 40-foot marble bar, flanked by two bronze wild boars and staffed by highly skilled bartenders - all well versed on Italian wines. The bar is built for serious-minded dining, exploring Cinghiale's cellar, and simple snacking from the Salumeria.

Cinghiale's traditional Salumeria is loacted in the heart of the Enoteca. The Salumeria features a precision hand-crank slicer, an impressive selection of Italian charcuterie, preserved vegetables and cheeses. The purpose of the Enoteca is to taste, learn and talk about food and wine in a comfortable, livable space.
Cinghiale (ching-GYAH-lay) - "Wild Boar" in
Italian - celebrates the richness and style of
the Italian table.
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