The concept and origin of Cinghiale's menu is the inspiration of Tony Foreman. Tony saw a unique opportunity to build a kitchen that creates honest, modern, and correct regional cooking from Northern and Central Italy - unlike the cooking typical to the U.S. The menu has become the personal expressional of Chef Julian Marucci through study, extensive travels to Italy, and a rich familial connection to the southern Italian region of Apulia.

Chef Marucci's menu showcases a knowledge and respect for classic Italian recipes combined with a talent and a creative spark for modern Italian cooking.
Cinghiale (ching-GYAH-lay) - "Wild Boar" in
Italian - celebrates the richness and style of
the Italian table.
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kitchen hours:

Monday - Thursday 5:30pm - 10pm
Friday & Saturday 5:30pm - 11pm
Sunday 5pm - 9pm

822 Lancaster St.
Baltimore, MD. 21202 410.547.8282